Top 10 (almost too-cute-to-eat) Cookies


There's no better way to bring a bit of play to your party than incorporating trendy treats. Thus the reason chic cookies are topping the charts for 2018 must-haves! 

From darling diamonds for the newly-engaged to tropical treats for any summer soiree, these are almost too darling to devour. Start dreaming up a just-for-fun fete so you can indulge in these tasty treasures!

1.   A Girl's Best Friend: Was it diamonds - or dessert? With these colorful cuties, you don't have to choose!

2.   Squeeze The Day: Take that lemonade stand to the next level with an extra dose of adorable!

3.   Purr-fections: Cute cat cookies. Need we say more?

4.   Chic Shells: Ariel approved, we adore these sea-inspired beauties!

5.   Fab Fruit: Vibrant & adorable, these fruit themed cookie skewers are way more fun than the real thing.

6.   Cacti Cuteness: Planted preciousness. We're succas for these stylish little sweets!

7.   Happy Hive: These beautiful bees brighten up any get together, they'll be all the buzz!

8.   Unicorns & Rainbows: Pure magic. This charming creature makes the ultimate cookie for the glitter-loving girly girl in your life!

9.   Sweet Dreams: Is it just us, or do these seem Audrey inspired?

10.   Rockin' Retro: Edible Nostalgia. These skates will boogie right into your heart!